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Board Director (Volunteer):

May Gibbs Nutcote Trust Pty Ltd

Are you looking for a career boost as well as experience on a Not For Profit Board?

May Gibbs Nutcote Trust Pty Ltd is seeking a Volunteer Board Director who is willing and able to provide leadership in Governance and development of May Gibbs' Nutcote. lf you are dynamic and a committed hands-on, engaging person this may be just the position you are looking for to further bolster your experience and skills development.

We are wanting someone who is comfortable working at a strategic level, adept in actively supporting fundraising activities, able to advise the Board on decisions needed for longer term goals. The Position is for 1- 2 years and requires 6-8 hours per month.

lf you loved Snugglepot and Cuddlepie as a child, but understand that May Gibbs is much more than simply a writer of fairy tales, then please consider nominating for this important position and see a small community house museum become a national treasure.

Our Board meets monthly at May Gibbs' house Nutcote, in Neutral Bay.

We need your name, contact details, a brief summary of your skills and experience and an explanation of why this role interests you.

A copy of the position description can be found HERE. More details about May Gibbs Nutcote Trust Pty Ltd available at

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